Residential Landscape Design

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space This Residential Landscape Design Plan

When it comes to your home, you should be able to enjoy it both indoors and outdoors. Taking the time to design your landscape can benefit your home in multiple ways. Also, it increases the property value.

But there are a lot of questions that must be answered first! 

  • What’s the need for your home’s landscape?
  • What will look best in your outdoor space?
  • How will you combine all the design ideas with the space you have?

We know it can be frustrating! Therefore, as reputable landscape design services Syracuse NY, we have taken the time to build a list of professional landscape design plans to help you build the outdoor space of your dreams.

But firstly, let’s brush up on the basics……

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What Is A Residential Landscape Design?

Residential landscape design is the art and science of improving the aesthetic appeal and the appearance of your outdoor space. Basically, it’s a floor plan for a residential outdoor area, creating a visual representation of a site using scaled dimensions.

It functions to serve the needs and interests of your family, guests, and neighbors.

5 Elements of Residential Landscape Design

Designing the exterior of your home is similar to designing the interiors. We’ll discuss the 5 elements of landscape design to help you comprehend the process better.

1. Line 

.Lines are very important to control movement in residential design. Adding lines in the walkways, flower beds, and tree lines can instantly enhance the visual interest of your design.  You can incorporate a variety of lines – horizontal, vertical, curved, and diagonal. 

For a formal landscape design look, go for clear, straight lines. To go a bit artistic, take advantage of curved shapes using hardscape features like pavers or natural stones.

2. Form

Though some may confuse it with lines, it refers to the shape of your plants and hardscaping features. To create a residential landscape design, you need the form to be consistent with the aesthetics. 

In terms of plants, you’ll find some are upright, round, groundcover, or freeform. For hardscape features, you can add structures of various shapes and heights. Like if you were to install a pergola, water fountain, or stone pathways.

3. Texture 

One very important consideration when planning residential landscape design is the texture. It involves both hard and softscape – meaning the use of both plants and design features that are soft, fine, coarse, heavy, light, rough, or smooth.

As mentioned before, there should always prevail a balance among the elements, and to achieve that, you need a mixture of textures.

4. Colour 

 The first thing that catches the eye of a landscape is the color. It’s very easy to gravitate towards vibrant and colorful plants for landscape – and your yard will be vibing through the summer and spring months. 

But you also want to enjoy your garden during the winter months.

Choose plants and trees that continue to offer color throughout the year. We always recommend planting evergreens, conifers, and holly spices. In tandem, you need to be attentive to the colors of your hardscape materials. They are crucial for aesthetics.

5. Scale 

The last element of your landscape design plan is the scale. The height and length of the plants and design features work to establish your landscape’s scale. It enhances the overall composition of the design.

Remember, the scale of your hardscape and softscape should not only complement each other but also the size of your home, property, and existing features. 

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What To Expect When Planning Your Residential Landscape Design? 

Rome wasn’t built in a day – though we have come a long way, but your design-build project isn’t going to be done that quickly either. To set realistic expectations, it’s best for you to know what’s involved – so that you can understand the process and make sure it goes smoothly for everyone. 

Therefore, it is always advisable to hire trusted landscape design services Syracuse NY, to plan your project precisely from the beginning till the end. Our team ensures that our client gets the right landscape design that fits their vision, property, and resources.

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