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6 Fencing Installation Mistakes To Avoid At Any Cost

There are innumerable reasons to build a fence. They add security and privacy to your property and add a beautiful accent to your home.

However, depending on the time and consideration that goes into it – a few mistakes can lead to expensive repairs, compromised security, and unsatisfactory results. So why let it happen?

Here we have highlighted 6 common fence installation mistakes that homeowners make (unknowingly) and how to avoid them.

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Mistake 1: Inadequate Planning and Research

The first mistake that homeowners make with fence installation DeWitt NY – is to kickstart the project without any proper planning and research.  This leads to costly repairs and mistakes. Also, you need to consider other critical factors like property lines, local regulations, and more before installing a fence.

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Mistake 2: Not Measuring Accurately

When you are measuring the fence line, you need to consider the height as well. And this is where inexperienced people miss the mark. 

Also when measuring the fence, take a note of all the custom cuts if required.

Post holes are another thing to consider when taking measurements. Keep in mind that at least one third of your post must be below the surface.. Hire expert fence installation DeWitt NY, to get an accurate measurement of the fence.

Mistake 3: Ignoring the Home Design

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make while planning for fencing DeWitt NY, is not paying attention to their house design.

A fence doesn’t have to match your house, but it shouldn’t be at war with the overall style and vibe of your yard. 

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Mistake 4: Neglecting Regular Maintenance

We often overlook the need for regular maintenance after the fence has been installed.This leads to premature wear and damage to your fence. 

To avoid these from happening, expert fence contractors suggest getting your fence checked regularly to inspect any signs of rusting and rotting.

Mistake 5: Blocking The View

In most cases, homeowners erect a fence to increase the privacy of their property and stop nosey neighbors from peeking in. However, they often make the mistake of blocking their view during this process. In certain cases, it might be unavoidable – but there are many fencing options that offer privacy, still allowing you to enjoy a good view. 

Mistake 6: Using Poor Quality Material

There are many ways to cut costs, but compromising on fencing material is not one of them.

Purchasing a poor-quality material may save you some money in the short run, but in the long run, it will cost you heavily.

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When installing a fence, avoid these 6 common mistakes. If you need fence repair DeWitt NY services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced fencing experts of KD Landscaping Syracuse NY. We will help you build the right fence for your property without compromising on quality or aesthetics. 

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